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WakeID Portal
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Application Launcher

The WakeID Portal is divided into three sections: header bar, app launcher, and favorites bar.

Header Bar

App Libraries - find and add applications to your App Launcher

App Library Name Description Staff Students
Business Apps non-instructional district applications
Student Apps district instructional tools for students
WCPSS Recommended district instructional tools
WCPSS School Websites links to school websites

Important: Adding an app from a library does not mean you have an active account for that application. Many apps purchased by schools are rostered by Technology Services. Ask the technical support at your school/department to see if you are suppose to have access.

Edit Mode - customize your theme, app size, font, color palette, and wallpaper

Notifications - district notification will appear here

Search - type to filter apps on your App Launcher


App Launcher (My Apps)

  • Click app to launch the application in a new tab.
  • Drag and drop apps to rearrange them.
  • Right-click apps to see more options.
  • Right-click app to add to favorites which makes it appear on the Favorites Bar.
  • Locked icons cannot be removed from your App Launcher.
  • Right-click to create folders and organize apps.
  • Use Accessibility Tools to modify text size, contrast, and more.


Favorites Bar

There are three resources locked on the Favorites Bar: My Classes, My Files, and My Analytics. Apps can be added to the Favorites Bar by right-clicking and selecting Add to Favorites. Right-click again to remove from the Favorites Bar.

My Classes - teachers use rostered courses to assign apps and view student analytics

My Files - access your Google Drive files and OneDrive files from within the WakeID Portal

My Analytics - see personal logins and application usage



If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.
Last Updated: June 30, 2021